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Why People think going to a Physiotherapist Sucks!

Should Physio treatment hurt? In short, the answer is no. Physiotherapy does not need to be painful in order to be effective. Unfortunately Physiotherapists have a reputation for providing painful treatments. This is shame as for some people, this may represent a barrier to seeking treatment. I don’t provide the

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Graded Strength & Conditioning

Rehabilitation following an injury or surgery requires careful planning and monitoring of symptoms. So too does the management of long standing conditions such as chronic pain or rheumatoid arthritis, just to name two. Whether the goal is to better manage a chronic condition or rehabilitate from surgery or an injury, it

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Dealing with Trigger Points

What is Trigger Point Therapy? Trigger point therapy is a hands on technique that locates and massages areas of the body (‘trigger points’) that are unusually sensitive and painful. Often these spots “trigger” a deep ache in nearby areas, hence the name Trigger Point. Traditionally, trigger points have been described

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