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Referred Pain

The concept of referred pain might be unfamiliar to you. Essentially, referred pain is the phenomenon whereby pain is experienced in a different location on/in the body to the location of an associated injury or problem. There are two types of referred pain. The first is known as somatic pain,

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Dealing with Trigger Points

What is Trigger Point Therapy? Trigger point therapy is a hands on technique that locates and massages areas of the body (‘trigger points’) that are unusually sensitive and painful. Often these spots “trigger” a deep ache in nearby areas, hence the name Trigger Point. Traditionally, trigger points have been described

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Assessing Injury & Pain – Part One

You may recall that in When Pain Persists Part Three we described three circumstances from which elevated nerve ending sensitivity occurs. These were; Structural Pathology (damage or wear and tear to tissues) Ischemic Strain on Tissues (limited oxygen supply and waste product removal) Cognitions / Emotions (influence of thoughts / feelings) If we could

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When Pain Persists – Part Two

In “When Pain Persists – Part One” we framed the problem of persistent pain in terms of a stalled “protective state”, driven by the failure of one’s nerve ending sensitivity to normalize as an injury heals. Put simply, the body fails to return to a “normal” level of sensitivity following the onset of

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An Introduction to Persistent Pain

If you’ve found yourself at this page, it may be because you have just finished reading our “Explain CRPS Diagnosis” page and followed the link here. In that page, I referred to the benefits that one might gain from taking steps to better understand how pain “works”. While our piece on CRPS

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