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Benefits of Physio with therapists from Coogee Bay Health & Injury Care

Many individuals who have severe pain-related trauma are often told by their doctors that they may have to give up certain daily activities. For many people, this isn’t an option either because they’re on their own or they rely on being able to perform simple tasks to cope with their daily lives and don’t want to give up their independence. Physiotherapy, or physio, is the go-to solution for people in this challenging position. In this article, we’ll discuss a couple of common conditions that can be treated by Coogee physiotherapy providers and the treatment regimens that are used to reduce th
e effects of pain.

At Coogee Bay Health & Injury Care we offer physio to help with a variety of conditions

For many Sydney dwellers working an office is the norm. We often have people from surrounding areas such as Bronte come see us for office related conditions. People often underestimate the effect that sitting all day has on our bodies, though. As we get older, a sedentary lifestyle becomes exponentially more detrimental to our overall health and well-being by causing poor posture, muscle strain, and arthritis. These issues alone can be painful, but when they’re compounded, they can be debilitating. Treatments for back pain varies drastically based on the causes of the pain, although there are some common techniques used in most training regimens. Most professional physiotherapists rely on a neck painstandard three-prong approach in dealing with back pain when providing physio in Coogee. This includes weight management, muscle strengthening, and massages to aid in “re-patterning” muscles. Re-patterning is the shifting of muscles in a particular area through dynamic stretches and exercises. It’s important to train all your muscles and not just a few muscles in your body to reduce the pain.

Another common condition that results in muscle related pain is overweight. Compared to physical therapy for healthy-sized individuals, physiotherapy for patients suffering from obesity requires a focus on lifestyle therapy that works in conjunction with physiotherapy. The most challenging aspect of treatment for obese patients to work through is the initial pain and exhaustion associated with exercise. In addition to addressing common problems for obese patients such as sore knees and arthritis, physiotherapi
sts can also design customised training programs that won’t overwork a patient’s vulnerable joints. For many patients, something as simple as picking a new pair of shoes with the right supports can help our patients feel better when walking and standing for prolonged periods of time. The techniques used to work with overweight patients are often very similar to working with patients who experience a decline in mobility due to old age or prolonged recovery.

We provide patients in Coogee with physiotherapy to reduce chronic pain

Our vision at Coogee Bay Health & Injury Care, conveniently located in the Eastern Suburbs, is to provide comprehensive and affordable physio for our patients who are suffering from chronic pain or conditions as a result of sporting injuries. We work with a wide variety of conditions and commit to doing everything we can to enable our clients to meet their goals. We offer progress tracking in addition to working with your GP so you can get a full picture of how your physiotherapy is interfacing with other treatment plans your doctor has recommended. Don’t let pain run your life, give us a call and we’ll figure out the best action plan to get you moving again, we’re Coogee’s go-to physio resource.treatment