My clinical and business processes are built upon the following values. If you are aligned with the following list, Coogee Bay Health & Injury Care may be a good fit for your Physio career.

  • integrity
  • trust
  • respect
  • humility
  • resiliency
  • autonomy
  • pride
  • transparency
  • fun
  • safety
  • responsibility



To provide the highest quality Physiotherapy services to the community of Coogee and surrounds in a caring and respectful manner that encourages patients to participate in their care and take responsibility for their well being. I also provide an evolving science and evidence based online information hub that is free, easily accessible, user friendly, simple and clear. I understand that it is difficult to be a “consumer” in our modern day healthcare system, and as such, I see value in the complementary provision of information that makes sense of the scientific literature related to health, pain, injury and rehabilitation.


To rely upon my clinical experience, knowledge of relevant research and network of medical colleagues to guide my patients’ healthcare decision making and provide the most effective and sensible treatment options.


My clinical experience and skills are geared towards neck, spine, pelvic and hip dysfunction. My assessment and treatment philosophy integrates modern neuroscience and knowledge regarding the neurophysiology of pain into a traditional biomechanical model of joint function. As such, I have developed a network of referrers who send their patients, friends and family members for treatment of both acute and longstanding neck, back, pelvis and hip problems. I am also involved in a research trial with Professor Peter O’Sullivan who is carrying out a controlled trial of Cognitive Functional Therapy for sufferers of persistent low back pain.

I have a special interest in persistent pain problems. As is the case with most private practices, I also work with my regular share of sports injuries, tendon problems and orthopaedic surgery rehab (mostly ankle, knee and shoulder).


I do not have plans to grow my practice into a physio empire. My clinic contains two treatment rooms and a small exercise space. Currently I work alone in the clinic. I would like to bring aboard another physio to utilise my second treatment room but I am happy to wait for just the right person. Ultimately, I would like to have myself and two other physios, each working a 30-35 hour week such that we all have freedom to “work to live” as opposed to “living to work”. It’s really important to me that any physio I employ is aligned with my values and desire to create a friendly and respectful community service that we can all be proud of.




Applicants for employment with Coogee Bay Health & Injury Care must provide examples of occasions from previous work experience as a Physio that demonstrates an alignment with the guiding values outlined above. Specifically, examples that demonstrate that you;

  • have maintained your integrity during patient care, during interactions with staff members and during the handling of personal and financial information
  • have earned the trust of your employer
  • have a sense of humility over your successes
  • have resiliency and a sense of perspective in the face of misfortune, disappointment or failure
  • respect the privacy, emotional well-being and mental health of your patients, employer and colleagues
  • value your own and other’s professional autonomy within the workplace
  • take pride in your clinical practice standards
  • value transparency in your dealings with your patients, employer and colleagues
  • enjoy promoting appropriate humour and fun in the workplace
  • take workplace safety for your employer, colleagues, yourself and your patients seriously

I’m interested in reading about applicants’ examples of workplace experiences that demonstrate an alignment with these values because it helps me understand how, in your mind, these values manifest as behaviour in a workplace setting.


I value the professional autonomy of my fellow clinicians but I also have a responsibility to maintain my practice’s clinical standards. To this end, I have set the following clinical standards for Physiotherapists employed within Coogee Bay Health & Injury Care;

  • Never let a patient leave the clinic more poorly informed than when they walked in the door
  • Always ensure that the explanatory narrative that accompanies treatment is empathetic, thoughtful, individualised, scientific, biologically plausible and empowering for the patient
  • Never miss a chance to de-medicalise self limiting musculoskeletal injuries and episodes of non-pathological pain
  • Always prioritise the development and maintenance of skills for identifying “red flags” and other presentations requiring referral to a specialist whilst avoiding unnecessary catastrophising or medicalising of a patient’s condition
  • Never be afraid to tell a patient “I don’t know- but I will find out for you”
  • Always use excellent, reflective listening and communication skills
  • Never take the credit for the natural recovery of an injury or natural resolution of acute symptoms
  • Always encourage active, self management of chronic conditions
  • Never trivialise a patient’s story or the patient’s perspective of their symptoms/condition
  • Always frame a patient’s problem in terms of possible outcomes and connect the dots between their current state, appropriate treatment and their preferred outcome
  • Never load your patients with issues from your personal life
  • Always limit your manual therapy to a pressure that elicits no more than a “good pain” experience from the patient and always explain to the patient why it is unnecessary to push beyond a “good pain”
  • Never frame a patient’s problem such that the patient is left to conclude that their full recovery is dependent upon aggressive, painful treatment
  • Always take an opportunity to help a patient better understand the relationship between their condition, symptoms, underlying pathology, thoughts, feelings and their road to feeling better.
  • A minimum of five years experience in a private practice, musculoskeletal setting
  • Must have experience in applying knowledge of pain mechanisms and the neurophysiology of pain in the private practice, musculoskeletal setting
  • Must have experience treating spine, pelvic and hip dysfunction, including  whiplash associated disorder, headache, post surgery rehab of spine, acute neck and lower back episodes
  • Must have experience in progressing patients from manual therapy to exercise rehabilitation
  • Must have experience managing acute and longstanding sports injuries, tendon problems, osteoarthritis,
  • Must have experience in rehabilitation of orthopaedic surgery (spine, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle)
  • Experience in women’s health, pre/post natal care and incontinence treatment is desirable

It’s important that a Physio employed at Coogee Bay Health & Injury Care has experience with, or a willingness and capacity to learn how to cultivate a following of patients from our local community. This will best happen when you;

  • Adhere to our personal and clinical standards outlined above
  • Commit to establishing and maintaining strong relationships with each of your patients by following up appointments with sms, emails, phone calls and encouraging the signing up to our VIP patient facebook page.
  • Introduce yourself to local GPs, surgeons and other referring medical professions
  • Introduce yourself to local businesses to explain what you stand for and how you can be of service in our local community via our “Community Care Spotlight” initiative
  • Join a local sports club or social group and position yourself to receive referrals
  • Are consistently punctual, reliable, empathetic and friendly in your dealings with patients
  • Provision of physiotherapy services
  • Self-directed networking with local sources of patient referrals
  • Develop, nurture and maintain relationships with patients
  • Scheduling of patient appointments
  • Processing of consultation transactions
  • Monitor online bookings
  • Tend to clinic phone
  • Maintain Cleanliness within clinic


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