Meet Patrick


My name is Patrick Lyons. I am the owner of Coogee Bay Health & Injury Care. I’ve been working in a private practice, spinal and musculoskeletal outpatient setting for 11 years. I’m here to help and look forward to doing so.

Why choose me as your Physio?

I am good at what I do! If you’re not sure feel free to give me a call on 0296659667 to discuss your injury/complaint. I can offer you some advice about whether or not my services are suited to you and your injury / condition.

I am an evidenced based practitioner. This means the treatments I offer are backed up by science and research. Across the various professions that service people with pain and / or injury, there exists a suite of treatment options with a questionable supportive evidence base. I simply don’t offer treatments that can’t stand up to scientific scrutiny. This is important for you to consider. Treatments that are not evidenced based will waste your time and money. If I can’t help you, I will let you know, and I will refer you to an appropriate specialist.

I won’t rush your treatment. I run a solo practice and keep my caseload at about 75% full. This means I’m never rushed and always have time for you. You are always welcome to email or sms me questions as they arise.

I am available. I live a short 8-minute walk from the clinic. Provided I’m not out and about, I can accommodate your need for treatment/advice within a few hours. I always have the clinic phone diverted to my mobile when I’m away from the clinic. Always feel free to call me. I always keep a few appointments spare for emergency calls.

I am happy doing what I do. I don’t have ambitions to build a Physio empire. I am content with my current set up and really enjoy being free to help my community in my own laid back, non-rushed and thorough manner.

I am proud of what I do. I pride myself on providing the highest quality physiotherapy services in a caring and respectful manner, while encouraging you to learn, participate and share responsibility for your well-being.

My clinical expertise lies in the following areas;

  • Whiplash Injury
  • Sports Injuries- Joint Sprains and Muscles Strains
  • Severe and Sudden onset Neck, Spine and Nerve Root Problems
  • Chronic and Episodic Neck, Thoracic, Low Back and Pelvis Problems
  • Orthopaedic Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Headache and TMJ problems
  • Osteoarthritis Management

I am a hands on and exercise oriented Physio. I don’t use any machines in my practice. My assessment and treatment philosophy integrates modern neuroscience and knowledge regarding the neurophysiology of pain into a traditional biomechanical model of joint function.

I am a registered Physiotherapist licensed to practice in Australia and New York State in the USA.

1419614972_graduation Bachelor Applied Science (Human Biology). 2002. University of Canberra, Australia.

1419614972_graduation Master of Physiotherapy. 2006. University of Canberra, Australia.

1419615295_licence Current Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (AHPRA) Registration.

1419615295_licence Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (TAE 40110).

My wife and I returned to Australia in 2014 after spending three years living and working in New York City. I’ve taken up surfing, enjoy swimming laps across Coogee Bay, playing golf and improving my guitar skills. I’m a husband, and proud Dad to three kids (all under 5 years old- yikes!)