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Our Cancellation Policy

I understand that there may be a need for you to cancel an appointment. As a courtesy to other patients who may like to utilise your appointment time slot, please call, sms or email us with as much notice as possible. At the time of you booking an appointment, you will receive an email outlining your appointment date and time. You will also receive an sms reminder of your appointment on the day preceding your appointment. Please confirm your appointment by replying “Yes” or “No” to the sms.

Late Cancellations: In the event that you cancel an appointment after 7.00pm on the day preceding a scheduled appointment, I reserve the right to apply a $45 late cancellation fee to your account. Generally, I only apply this fee to those who repeatedly cancel appointments at short notice.

No shows: In the event that you “no show” for a scheduled appointment, I reserve the right to apply the full consultation fee to your account. If yours is a workcover or compulsory third party injury claim, the “no show” fee will not be covered by your insurer. You will be personally responsible for the fee in question.

As a practice owner I go to great lengths to maintain a friendly and respectful relationship with all of my patients. I understand that unforeseen circumstances arise that can necessitate the cancelling or postponing of an appointment. I use my discretion and generally only applying these fees to repeat offenders. If you are able to reschedule your appointment within the next 48 hours I will not apply any cancellation fees.

Debt Management Policy

In the event where your account is not paid within our trading terms the following shall apply;

  1. Coogee Bay Health and Injury Care shall without prejudice to any other remedies available to it be entitled to charge interest on the amount outstanding calculated from the date payment is due until the date payment is made on the outstanding from time to time at the interest rate prescribed by reference to the Penalty Interest Rate Act from time to time plus five per centum (5%).
  2. In the event where you fail to pay the whole amount due within 7 days of being so requested to do so by Coogee Bay Health & Injury Care in writing then we shall be at liberty to instruct a Collection Agency and or solicitors to recover the monies outstanding and you shall be liable for any costs, charges, commissions and expenses reasonably and properly payable by us to such Collection Agency and /or solicitors relating to recovery of such sum.
  3. Any monies recoverable by us from you pursuant to above clauses (1) and (2) shall be added to the amount otherwise due and shall be recoverable as a liquidated debt.
  4. Please be aware that if your Physio treatment is being paid by an insurance company, you (not the insurance company) will be personally liable for any late cancellation or “no show” fees charged to your account.