Learning About Pain

In the list of links below, you will find a series of posts about pain. How it works… how it usually resolves… and how, for some people, pain persists

An introduction to Pain

When Pain Resolves- Part 1

When Pain Resolves- Part 2

When Pain Resolves- Part 3

When Pain Persists- Part 1

When Pain Persists- Part 2

When Pain Persists- Part 3


  • Thanks for writing this. In depth thought is in short supply.

  • Hi Patrick!
    I really like what you’ve done with this series. You bullet key previous points, begin each section with a review of the preceding concepts, and then establish your new points without flooding the reader with too much information for one presentation.

    I’ve already taken a line that I will use with the high school athletes I coach:
    “The intensity of the pain you feel, reflects the sensitivity of the nerve endingsā€¦ not the severity of your injury.”