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Navigating your healthcare system is complex enough when you are the patient… When the patient is your child, well, things are even more complicated. You have the added stress of not being able to know for sure what your child is experiencing, and concerns about whether or not your child is able to effectively communicate what they are feeling. Sifting through the possible causes of your child’s symptoms is no small task. In making a decision on how to proceed, you are likely to weigh up the opinions of friends, family, doctors, other health professionals, and of course the internet. It’s difficult to know for sure which info is the “right” info. Often as the healthcare “consumer”, there is a risk that you will be provided contradictory information from different health professionals. This is confusing and frustrating.

In general, I think contradictory advice is usually an indication of how little is known for sure about a given condition or set of symptoms. It might be a surprise for you to learn that much of what is accepted as mainstream, “proven” treatment for injuries and/or painful conditions is not supported by particularly strong or definitive evidence. Thus we see the evolution of divergent diagnoses for similar sets of symptoms, and the evolution of divergent treatment regimes for said diagnoses. That is messy for you, and your child.

The purpose of this section of our site is to provide you with balanced, unbiased information regarding injury and painful conditions, as they relate to children. The information provided should assist you in making informed decisions about the relative risks and benefits of treatments for common diagnoses and symptoms.

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Children: Pain and Injury

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