Sports Massage in Coogee

Sports Massage is utilised by athletes to prepare for or recover from a performance. Generally, sports massage techniques are more vigorous than those utilised in a relaxation massage. A sports massage doesn’t need to be painful in order for it to assist with your preparation or recovery from an athletic or physical performance.¬†However, many athletes prefer a heavier input that borders on being painful.

Generally speaking, it makes sense to avoid very heavy, painful massage in the 1-2 days leading up to a performance. We recommend tending towards massage that is heavy, but that doesn’t feel like torture. While it often won’t be enjoyable, a sports massage, particularly in the lead up to an event, shouldn’t be something you have to endure. There seems to be a sweetspot for most people, where the pressure of the massage into a problem area elicits what many refer to as “a good pain”. This is the feeling we want to achieve during a sports massage.

The same principles apply in the days following a performance. Generally however, we can get away with pushing a bit harder as we don’t have to worry about the influence of post treatment soreness on your performance (as we do for pre-performance sports massage).

You don’t need to be a superstar athlete to have a sports massage. If you’re a recreational runner, touch footy player, or love to go for long walks, or play golf, you will probably¬†find that your preferred recreational activity is easier and more enjoyable to perform if you integrate a regular massage into your routine.

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