Should My Knee Feel Warm After Knee Surgery?


Following knee surgery, we need to be mindful of the unlikely presence of an infection within your knee.

It is not abnormal to have a increased sense of heat or warmth in the knee following surgery. The reason your knee feels warm is that there is increased blood flow to the area as a consequence of the inflammatory processes that are initiated in response to the “trauma” of your surgery. Although it is not unusual for your knee to feel warm, we do need to be mindful of the unlikely presence of an infection within your knee.

If you have been unfortunate enough to pick up an infection through your surgical wound, you will likely experience a significant increased sense of warmth in the region of the knee. The warmth is also likely to be associated with redness near your scar and increased swelling. Some of these symptoms, particularly in the earl stages of an infection are difficult to distinguish from normal post surgery healing processes. As an infection progresses, you may notice discharge of pus from the wound. And you may begin to feel generally unwell and / or develop a fever.

Another telling sign of an infection is the timing of the emergence of these symptoms. Let’s say you had a fairly stable sense of warmth and steady swelling for 2 weeks after your surgery, but the overnight your knee became suddenly more warm, swollen and red. In this instance, it would be wise to suspect the presence of an infection. As always, if you’re unsure it’s better to contact your doctor to get your wound checked out. Early treatment of a wound infection is key for an effective recovery

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