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    We provide Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage and Exercise Rehabilitation services to the community of Coogee, Maroubra, Clovelly and surrounds. Browse and click on the tile below that best suits your condition or injury. Click on the service fees link to view our consultation fees.

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What Fixes Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is an informal label for a condition known as lateral epicondylitis. The condition is characterized by pain in and around the elbow / forearm and is usually irritated by lifting and holding tasks such as holding a saucepan, turning on a tap or (as the name suggests) playing

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Can you Kneel Down after a Knee Replacement?

Kneeling after total knee joint replacement is not a problem for most patients. For others though, kneeling can be a problem. The really interesting question is- why? Why is kneeling a problem for some patients? A key point in considering this topic is that the knee prosthesis is more than

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Should Stretching Hurt?

Should stretching hurt? The safe, short answer is- no. But “hurt” is a fairly subjective concept. The most common problematic scenario I observe when it comes to stretching routines is an overly aggressive approach. Somewhere along the way, the idea that a stronger, more painful stretch is better than a less aggressive

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Is Stretching Good For You?

Anyone who has ever been to a physio has probably been given some “stretches to do for homework”. There isn’t much doubt that stretching can feel good or that it can provide at least temporary relief of symptoms such as pain or tightness. I ask most of my patients to try

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